Fedora 7

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Hihi.. Last week I bought my favourite magazine, Linux For You, and got a free DVD inside, Fedora 7. Wow, really need to test this flavour.

Hmm.. when I tried to install in my vmware, I got several problems. When trying to boot the iso dvd, suddenly my laptop restarted. It happens several times. What I did was, just upgrade my vmware.

Then I tried installing again, now I got a new error. An Error Occured, could not detect your hardware. Hmm.. I googled around and found a solution. I reset my harddisk setting in vmware from the default setting in vmware (SCSI) to IDE . And.. I got my fedora running :)

Booting screen. The same old red hat..

My login screen

My destop.. still untouched.. hihihi