XP SP2 Firewall

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Yesterday, as usual, my internet connection was down (lame). Couple of guys from Telekom Malaysia did came, and did their testing. Hmm..

OK.. I wrote a simple batch file, to configure Windows XP firewall via command line, if you are creative enough, you can alter the script and make it as a backdoor. You can add open ports, start a service.. beyond your creativity.

Ok.. when you run a restricted (not allowed by default by your firewall) program, your windows firewall may block your program. Yes, you can easily click on the Unblock button, but that is not kewl. Hihihihi..

Ok.. here's the command :
REM 19 March 2007
REM ghimau
REM You can modify this script to allow certain ports to open
echo off
echo ---------------------------------
echo Add Cain To Firewall Allowed List
echo ---------------------------------
echo You can modify this file, add a
echo variable,so that you can input
echo your own program.This script only
echo demonstrates, how to configure
echo your Windows XP SP2 firewall,
echo via command line
netsh firewall add allowedprogram C:\Progra~1\Cain\Cain.exe My_Program ENABLE