Acer Laptop

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Finally that stupid Hi Point guys repaired my laptop. Waiting almost 3 months to get it fix! Damn. I'm going to the repair center to get back my laptop. Need to pay, RM 400.

This night, Ustaz Zamri will be staying at Seri Malaysia Hotel. What else, testing my 'gerak' with him la. Hihihihi.

Today, i joined a irc channel - #balihackerlink (Thanks to http tunnel :P). Got new friends, rocks, chorvel_enter. Tomorrow, I might continue chatting with them. Hihihi.. making friends with Indonesian hackers. Who knows, the might email me a copy of Seni Teknik Hacking 1 & 2 by Sto. Hihihi

Hmm.. Ok.. need to go back.