My First Tutorial

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Hihihi.. Finaly I managed to wrote my own tutorial, and published it on the net.

Ok, I wrote a tutorial on hacking AppServ application. I've posted the tutorial on the HackerMalaysia's forum. To see the thread, go to this url.

And you can also download the pdf version here.

Another one is a tutorial on how to challenge level 4 of Hackthis site.
To see the thread, go to this url

And you can also download the pdf version here.

p/s : The tutorials are in Bahasa Melayu :)

Admin sucks!

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Most admin especially the tittled 'Network Administrator' are stupid! Sorry to say that..
I came across several government sites that is unsecure, and is potential to be hacked!

Yeah, I do know.. most of them don't know security, but what makes me mad is that, they are talking as if they are security guru!

What the hell!

The most iritating part is that, they wont listen to your advice, the just dont care, because of your rank! This is what makes hackers hack!

Selangor government portal's bug

Melaka government portal's bug

E - Syariah
Hacker's are here.. where are you?


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Hihi.. the EC-Council guys invited me to the official regional media launch of Hacker Halted, at Velvet Underground, Zouk Kuala Lumpur this monday..

Hihi.. get a chance to meet the hackers...

[My name]
[My 'company' ]


Hacker Halted is the brainchild IT Security Conference of world leading certification authority - the International Council of E-Commerce Consultants (EC-Council) that is based in Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA. EC-Council came together post the 9/11 incident where issues of cyber terrorism were raised in the forefront of security of nations at large.
This conference was run successfully in many countries including Kuala Lumpur (2004), Singapore, Mexico, Dubai, Taiwan, Hong Kong and the latest one in China which saw more than 700 paid participants enjoying 3 full days of conference.

So this is zouk club? Huh

Bagan Lalang Fishing Trip

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Last Saturday, I planned a trip to Bagan Lalang. Our main purpose were to go fishing, but guess what? the fishing trip turned to ghost seeking activity :)

Seeking the ghost.. hihihihi

Sitting on a boat while waiting the ghost to come out

Can you see the ghost?

An abandoned boat inside a forest.. creepy.. hihihi

See the ghost

Moon inside the forest?

The ghost rider.. hihihi