Admin sucks!

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Most admin especially the tittled 'Network Administrator' are stupid! Sorry to say that..
I came across several government sites that is unsecure, and is potential to be hacked!

Yeah, I do know.. most of them don't know security, but what makes me mad is that, they are talking as if they are security guru!

What the hell!

The most iritating part is that, they wont listen to your advice, the just dont care, because of your rank! This is what makes hackers hack!

Selangor government portal's bug

Melaka government portal's bug

E - Syariah
Hacker's are here.. where are you?


On 13 June 2007 at 07:51 , viruspadu said...

en. hakers,
i gerun ok!
tp mmg betul apa yg en hakers tu ckp, ramai yg jaga network ni belagak mcm tahu ajer, tp hampes!!!